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Rancor Squad
Rancor Squad was large commando Squad in the Old Republic the Crew was made up of this People

Name: Codi Tano. Race: Togruta. Sex. Male Status: Alive

Tarr Fellaus. Race: Cerean. Sex. Male. Status: Alive

Knol Sandov. Race: Bothan Sex. Male. Status: Alive

Emily Shan. Race: Human. Sex Female. Status: Alive

Nu`ro Lom. Race: Twi’lek. Sex Male. Status: Alive (The Commanding Officer)

Dar kiin. Race: Kel Dor. Sex. Male. Status: Alive

Big Cole Jackson Race: Human. Sex Male. Status: Alive

Zix. Race: Verpine. Sex Male. Status: Alive

Tumot Gynt. Race: Nautolan. Sex Male. Status Deceased (First Battle of Kamino)

Shasa. Race: Selkath. Sex Female. Status: Alive (2nd in Command)

Ph’ton. Race: Bith. Sex Male. Status: Deceased (killed in a Bar Fight after the Squad was disbanned)

Dar Fess. Race Trandoshan. Sex Male. Status: Deceased (First Battle of Geonosis)

Mak Tonith. Race Muun. Sex Male. Status Unknown/Missing (First Battle of Kamino)

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