Kagur Pyri

Zabrak jedi knight


Black light saber


Descendant of Kao Cen Darach

Jedi Knight that fought in the Clone Wars, he commanded many squads as a general. Rancor squad was one of the squads he was in charge of. Was sent away by himself to investigate a disturbance in the force. While he was on this mission the great Jedi Purge happened. When he returned from his mission he found that the Sith had slaughtered all of his fellow Jedi, including his apprentice Duray Nilar. Guided by a sense of duty he has sworn to avenge all of his fallen brothers and bring justice to the Sith. He went into exile to hone his skills and while he was there he found a black light saber that had a strong force presence.

Kagur Pyri

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