Dawn Of Defiance

The fuck did we get ourselves in to

STAR WARS Episode 3.5
Dawn Of Defiance

The Camera pans down to a shuttle craft. Inside, four important people; Nu’ro, Kagur Pyri, Glim, and Big Cole Jackson, separately wait to land on a Station Orbiting the planet, Brenthel IV. The shuttle craft quickly descends on the station. Big Cole Jackson is quickly attracted to the gambling hall. Nu’ro felt that someone was following him. He approached a strange Keldor and found it was one of his old squad mates from Rancor squad. The two talked about the old days and remembered an old Friend, Dar Fess, a Trandoshan who had sacrificed himself during the First Battle of Geonosis to save the squad.

Kagur Pyri started to look around the space station. Big Cole Jackson exited last, he was able to find out where the most shady person of the station was, Cecil. Big Cole Jackson made his way to the casino called Credit Chip to confront Cecil. Cecil pinned him down and threatened him to never say anything about the Empire around him. Outside the casino Kagur Pyri was able to see what was happening and cautiously made his way over to them, but before Kagur Pyri could get to the two, they were in the backroom to discuss the shipment of Big Cole Jackson’s illegal drugs. Kagur Pyri tried to hear what was going on through the door but the door was too thick.

Glim asked Nu’ro started to walk around the station and made their way to the casino and head inside. The door then Opened and Big Cole Jackson appeared both Glim and Nu`ro knew him from Rancor Squad. The four of them all heard a scream. Big Cole Jackson some how thought the scream was coming from outside the space station and looked out the window. Kagur Pyri confused at what CJ was doing also looked out the window. Both Nu`ro and Glim saw two troopers, out of uniform, looking for some one. Suddenly a wounded woman came running near the casino asking for help from the party.

Nu’ro’s training kicked in and ordered Glim to distract the troopers. But to no avail the troopers ignored him and demanded they hand the woman over. Out of a strange sense of needing to be a heroic vigilante, Glim took out his mace and cut the trooper’s head right off, while screaming “Go, my Mace of Justice!”. Blood spurted every where and all the common people started to scream and tried to get away from the danger. Seeing his partner go down made the second trooper call for backup. Kagur Pyri and Big Cole Jackson had the idea to hide in the Casino’s backroom. Big CJ tried to ram the door with his shoulder but the door wouldn’t budge. Knowing that the backroom would be the safest place for the injured woman, Kagur Pyri, attempted to break the door open and did so easily. Big CJ, embarrassed, looked at Kagur Pyri and said, “Hey, I loosened it up for you.”. The three of them proceeded to hide in the room and shut the door. Outside Nu’ro had a brilliant idea and took cover behind a wall. He took aim and shot at the second trooper with a well place shot to the chest, killing him almost instantly.

Two more troopers, now in armor, came as reinforcements. inside the backroom Kagur Pyri drew his black lightsaber, startling the woman and Big CJ. Big CJ asked what he was doing with a lightsaber and Ne’es told him it was for their protection. Glim seeing the two troopers coming down the hall charged right up at them and swung his ‘Mace of Justice’, almost killing one of them instantly. Nu’ro (behind cover) took aim and shot the second trooper in the chest. Luckily for the trooper his armor took most the damage but still felt severely hurt. Kagur Pyri decided to deactivate and sheathe his dark saber and to leave the safety of the room to see if everything was fine. Glim looked down on the severely injured trooper and took one final swing killing him. The second trooper, just like they’re trained to do, called in for more back-up. Nu’ro fired his pistol at the second trooper with hawk like accuracy, almost hitting the trooper exactly where the hole in the armor from the first shot was made, killing him. Big CJ tried to repair the broken lock on the door but after a few seconds the lock fell off in pieces. Kagur Pyri left the casino and not so stealth-fully concealed himself in a corner between the casino and the wall, where he decided to stand watch.

Glim sheathed his mace and took out his blaster pistol. Both he and Nu’ro took refuge in the casino to regroup. The woman thanked the party and said she would explain everything when they were safe. She told them that she could get them transportation after they retrieved some item from docking bay V-14. Nu’ro decided it would be a good idea to shoot the cameras after everything had happened as Glim looted the corpses of the four troopers.




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